the Flow of creation

Workship is the meeting spot of everyday creation and professional art. Its mission is to better establish creation and contemporary art as a field of free thinking in the society. Workships' team is carrying out an independent, non-profit artist run research centre on the Danube where the entire process of creation will take place, from everyday practices to professional art. We are strongly convinced that creativity in people’s lives should be regarded as a field of exchange and cooperation.

Members: Zoltán Avar, Nóra Balkányi, Máté Czakó, Sári Ember, István Gőz, Orsolya Juhász, Anna Kerekes, Flóra Kovács, Fanni Lakos, Veronika Szabó, Bence Tordai,  Péter Vadócz, Péter Valcz, Balázs Várnai